AI – Benefits

What I learned in sales is that you do business with people that you know, like and trust. There’s nothing about that that’s competitive.

Biggest Takeaways from Appreciative Inquiry Facilitation

Focusing on strengths rather than focusing on people’s weaknesses will bring a greater level of success. Conversations will be based on what skills can be improved, what the company is doing right, and what is important to those who are invested in the company’s future.

Whole System
Concentrating on the “whole system” will provide a clearer, more complete picture of your company. You will want to engage with all levels of employees. Don’t just get the perspective of upper level management, but go further to hear from other employees, customers, supplies, volunteers, etc.

Dialogue Driven
The conversations we have with each other are very powerful and important. By using Appreciative Inquiry, a plan can be put in place that is based on a series of specific, intentional questions. These questions allow a group dialogue to begin that will bring up new ideas, solutions, and images for the future.